Bloggernacle: Meet the Blogitorium

The Auditorium in Independence is the Community of Christ equivalent of LDS Church's Salt Lake Tabernacle. hopes to create a hub that gathers together the many Community of Christ bloggers scattered across the internet.  LDS bloggers have a successful model, informally known as the “Bloggernacle” (in reference to the Salt Lake City Tabernacle, where LDS General Conferences were traditionally held).  Our goal is to create what we might name the “Blogitorium” after the Auditorium in Independence, Missouri, where Community of Christ World Conferences are held.

If successful, this hub will encourage and unite Community of Christ bloggers, and also connect them to each other and also to the Bloggernacle.


7 comments on “Bloggernacle: Meet the Blogitorium

  1. John, et all. Great look. I am enthusiastic about this idea. In my experience, building a blogitorium take time. But, there are so many people online, it is a great time to take advantage of this. I’m looking forward to being a part.

    I did a recent post about the idea that the CofC is moving into a New Testament period. Anyone interested can go to The goal of all of this, of course, is not to glorify our own ideas. But, to celebrate something greater than ourselves, which we hope God is also a part.

    Rock on.
    Matt Frizzell

  2. jeswitts says:

    Hi, I know several more Community of Christ bloggers who may be interested in connecting with this hub. Is there a way to submit a blog here?

    Stacie Wittenmyer

  3. My blog is not anything special. Just a diary type.

  4. John Hamer says:

    Hi Margie & Stacie — Great to see you both here! I’ve added your blogs and the links you shared to the Community of Christ blogroll here. If you know of other active Community of Christ blogs, we’d love to add them too.

  5. John Dehlin says:

    God bless John Hamer, and God bless the amazingly bold and beautiful Community of Christ.

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