The Spirit of God in Kirtland

This rendition of “The Spirit of God” was recorded during the Sunday morning hymn festival on September 30, 2007, in Kirtland Temple. The festival was the final event of the annual conference of the John Whitmer Historical Association (which was held that year in conjunction with CSA). I’ve added a slide show of images of Kirtland Temple.

This was a very remarkable event combining people from across the Latter Day Saint traditions, along with scholars and students of history. There was an incredible energy, which everyone present felt, when we sang that historic song in that holy place. It’s something that can’t be reproduced on YouTube, but I thought I’d share something of the experience with you here.


7 comments on “The Spirit of God in Kirtland

  1. Hye Sung says:

    Love this hymn, my friend. Very happy you shared it :)

    By the way… how can we contact this blog? Like… is there an email?

  2. FireTag says:

    I don’t think there is an email for the blog itself, Hye Sung, but several of the regular posters are appointees of the Community of Christ and their personal emails are available from the directories menus at They will also know how to reach any of the other posters who aren’t on the directory that you might want to contact individually.

    Small church. Everybody knows somebody who knows anybody.

    Read your reflections on your own blog. Good luck with your struggles.

  3. John Hamer says:

    Thanks, Hye Sung. I’m not on the church directory. You can email me at JHamer(at)

  4. John,

    I loved this post. Did you put together the youtube video?

  5. John Hamer says:

    Hey MH — Glad you enjoyed it. Yep, I put the YouTube video together. The photos are courtesy of the Community of Christ Library-Archives. The historic photos at the beginning are from the archives. A lot of the photos in the middle are pictures I’ve taken over the years in Kirtland. And a few of the exteriors and all of the interior photos in the finale are by Val Brinkerhoff.

  6. Doug Gregory says:

    “… the veil o’er the earth is beginning to burst…” – what wonderful imagery to hear again of God’s desire to reveal Himself to us so that we can draw closer to him. Thank you for sharing.

  7. John Hamer says:

    Thanks, Doug. I agree. That’s my favorite hymn and Kirtland is my favorite place to sing it. I’ve been able to go to Kirtland half a dozen times in the last couple years — I’m going there again tonight for the weekend — and I inevitably end up having the those verses playing in my head over and over the whole time I’m there.

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