Mormon Stories on RLDS History

The Mormon Stories podcast has long been one of the most popular features of the Mormon blog universe or “Bloggernacle.” John Dehlin is an impassioned interviewer, who has elicited a number of fascinating stories from a wide variety of Mormons. Some past highlights include a five-part interview with Richard Bushman, author of Joseph Smith: Rough Stone Rolling, and a two-part interview with Anne Wilde, a spokesperson for fundamentalist Mormonism.

After a long hiatus, Mormon Stories is back. John recently asked me to talk about the 1844 Succession Crisis and the history of the Community of Christ for an LDS audience. You can hear part 1 of the interview here.

In the second hour, John asked me about the transformation of the RLDS Church into Community of Christ. You can hear part 2 of the interview here.


3 comments on “Mormon Stories on RLDS History

  1. I enjoyed it. There, you have my endorsement. ;)

  2. That was really interesting!

  3. FireTag says:


    Finally had access to a computer with usable streaming capability. Excellent interview. I look forward to the eventual podcast where you explain your personal history to a Mormon audience.

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