Bizarre Community of Christ Hoodie

This hoodie, being sold on, can’t have been designed by a Community of Christ person — it mentions the ‘M’ word!


4 comments on “Bizarre Community of Christ Hoodie

  1. David Howlett says:

    Wow! This is truly bizarre! It would be great to know the back story on this hoodie.

  2. Matthew Bolton says:

    I think it must have been generated automatically by a computer that was fed with a list of religions that catagorized the Community of Christ as an Mormon offshoot. For example, here is exactly the same hoodie with “Got Methodist?” on it:

    There are some other quirky ones though, like “Got Waldensian Italian Methodist?, “Got Canaanite Religion?”, “Got Essene?” and “Got Bickertonite?”

  3. TH says:

    You can also tell it is a fraud because Community of Christ isn’t capitalized. :-D

  4. John Hamer says:

    Sometimes automated computers say the darnedest things. Actually, I think “Got Bickertonite?” is pretty tempting as a t-shirt.

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