For Churches Interested in Supporting Peace in Northern Uganda

Due to the sudden interest in the conflicts in Central Africa, particularly Uganda, caused by the highly problematic film from Invisible Children, I am sure that many congregations are showing interest in supporting peacebuilding in the region.

I have compiled a list of better ways to donate money and stand in solidarity with the people of Uganda.


2 comments on “For Churches Interested in Supporting Peace in Northern Uganda

  1. Nancy Anderson says:

    I will be traveling to Uganda In january 2013 to provide nursing education to students in the Kampala area. I found an organization out of Washington DC which does not receive any federal funds which has provided medicatl education to various parts of the world. Unfortunately, much of the money for educational resources has been pulled from Uganda, but HVO ( health volunteers Overseas) continues to work with the country to support educating their people to provide health care to a much needed population. This organization is a wonderful way to support countries so they can care for themselves instead of trying ” take care” of them. I believe God has assisted me to find this organization and I am passing the word to those who would want to contribute time or money.YOu can find their web-site online if you just google the name. I hope if anyone is interested in assisting Uganda to reach it’s fullest potential you will contact and support the organization. My name is Nancy Anderson and I live in Albuqurque NM. My e-mail address is Thanks for your prayful consideration.

  2. Nancy Anderson says:

    Please watch the documentary on : Uganda, Ready to Forgive. This documentary really shows us as a church what “peace” really means, which is forgiveness and reconciliation. This country really has an important message to give to the world. It hit me like a ton of bricks. I will never be the same……

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